Consumer Electronics

25/ 05/ 2018

The EBA welcomes adoption of the Government Resolution No.383 dated May 16, 2018 (Resolution). Experts of the EBA Consumer Electronics Committee took an active part in elaboration of this Resolution in order to bring the dates of entrance into force of prohibitions on usage of certain substances in electronics in accordance with the relevant requirements in the European Union.

In particular, at the end of 2017, business representatives paid attention of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine to the fact that the European Union was in process of postponing of the terms of entrance into force of prohibitions on usage of certain substances, which have to come in effect in Ukraine shortly. The EBA Consumer Electronics Committee stressed that requirements for equipment in Ukraine should not be stricter than the relevant requirements in the EU, as this could lead to stopping of import.

The abovementioned resulted in elaboration of amendments to the Technical Regulations on limitation of usage hazard substances in consumer electronics (CE) in terms of delaying the dates of entrance of new restrictions until the Government adopts an additional decision. We are grateful to the Ministry and other involved state authorities for taking into account our proposals and hope for further constructive cooperation in harmonisation of Ukrainian technical regulations in accordance with the EU Directives.

In case you require additional information please contact Viktoriia.Kulykova@eba.com.ua, Consumer Electronics Committee manager.

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