Dnipro Marketing & Communications

22/ 11/ 2017

The profession of marketer is a continuous process of studying the needs of the end user, developing new approaches to product promotion, using the most effective channels of sales, increasing the loyalty to the product and the company as well as customers and employees themselves. All of this requires a creative approach and a constant study of new trends to stay on the crest of the wave.

«Сan all of these processes be automated, in your opinion?” – the invited speaker Anna Pelip, the Head of the Center for Business and Personal Growth “ЕNОТ”, asked the participants of the EBA Marketing and Communications Committee meeting? held on November 22 in Dnipro.

The issue raised caused a lively discussion among the participants about the future of the marketer’s profession, the ways and means of developing marketing professionals, as well as adapting the world of new ideas and knowledge fastness. In addition, during the discussion, Ms. Anna offered participants to develop their skills and engage in interesting interactive tasks.

Thanks to Anna Pelip and the Chairman of the Committee Olga Zenina for an interesting and meaningful conversation, useful information, received inspiration, as well as our partners at the Parle Conference Center for a cozy conference room, Pepsi Ukraine, Ukrainian Coffee Company and Nestlé Ukraine for drinks, coffee and sweets.

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