Consumer Electronics

20/ 03/ 2017

The EBA Consumer Electronics Committee Chair Ihor Makarov and Committee Manager Viktoriia Kulykova took part in the round table to discuss the prospects and musts for unshadowing of consumer electronics market. 

EBA representatives noticed that the problem of «grey» and «black» import became more and more urgent year by year. According to GfK Ukraine, the volume of such imports reach 25% in certain categories of home appliances and electronics. Often one can find on sale models that are not intended for Ukrainian market and were illegally imported to Ukraine. Therefore, it more than likely does not have the safety compliance assessment and can carry a threat for consumers. Thus, the state, consumers and responsible business are suffering from it.

To improve the situation on the market and reduce the import and circulation of illegal products, the Committee is working on the development and implementation of effective mechanisms for combating it. In particular, the EBA experts support the introduction of cash registers for consumer electronics trade; introduction of the national exhaustion principle of the intellectual property rights on trademarks for goods and services; introduction of amendments to the legislation on consumer protection and on electronic commerce. At the same time, the Committee opposes significant reduction of the list of appliances to be sold without cash registers or introduction of additional money indicators, in several thouthands UAH, for using cash registers.

We believe that addressing the problem of «grey» and «black» import of consumer electronics will boost the growth of «official» market, involve additional funds to the state budget and reduce the unit cost of the product for consumers.

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