Woodworking and Furniture

11/ 03/ 2021

Yesterday, March 10, representatives of the EBA Woodworking & Furniture Committee met with Yuriy Bolokhovets, Head of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine. During the meeting, representatives of the woodworking business had the opportunity to discuss current issues important for the woodworking industry, as well as to exchange views on further necessary changes in the regulation of the wood market.

Thus, experts of the EBA Woodworking & Furniture Committee stressed that today woodworking enterprises experience an acute shortage of raw materials due to the lack of predictability of the amount of unprocessed wood to be put up for auction by state forestries, as well as their incomplete commitment to obligations for the supply of raw materials in accordance with the concluded agreements. This, in turn, often leads to the cessation of production, loss of markets, reduction of staff at woodworking enterprises, and other negative consequences for business and the economy as a whole. In response, Mr. Bolokhovets promised to pay special attention to the issues raised and take the necessary measures to resolve them.

We are grateful to Yuriy Bolokhovets for a meaningful and constructive dialogue!

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