Logistics issues

01/ 11/ 2019

The meeting of the EBA’s Logistics Committee was held at the Association’s office with the management of SE “USPA” to discuss the updated USPA Corporate Strategy until 2025.

The USPA Head Rayvis Vetcahans emphasized the importance of the institutional changes required by the initiatives proposed for the implementation of the Corporate Strategy, namely:

  • corporatization of SE “USPA”;
  • expanding the responsibilities of the USPA SE to include the principles of the port-landlord model;
  • the creation of a port community that meets regularly and exchanges information.

The USPA Supervisory Board members shared their international experience and expressed their hope for support by the Association members of the Corporate Strategy conceptual principles. It is expected that the implementation of the Corporate Strategy will allow to change the philosophy of the USPA business from “infrastructure owner” to a port development company and providing quality services.

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