Dnipro Finance and Taxes

25/ 06/ 2019

Dnipro business had a meeting with acting Head of Dnipropetrovsk Customs SFS, Mr Igor Bezsmertny. The event was constructive and laconic. We talked about the main current issues:

  • “Bastion” operation:
  • Counteracting illegal import, detection and termination of violations, overlapping of illegal channels.
  • There is no reason for the “white” business to worry.
  • Within 3 weeks, no business complaint.
  • “Single window”: for today – 100% of customs clearance are through the program.
  • Due to the prohibition of energy supplies from the Russian Federation, more than UAH 200 million of budget revenues were lost, it is now impossible to compensate this amount.
  • Three groups of goods are subject to sanctions from the Russian Federation (the goods that are blocked from importing from Ukraine to Russia; the products prohibited for export from the Russian Federation to Ukraine; those goods for export, which require permission of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation).
  • Continuation of the term of preferential customs clearance of cars from Europe until August 23, 2019. Due to the already cleared auto, the state has received UAH 13 million of additional payments. Now, the issue is not very relevant, every day only 2-3 cars are cleared in the Dnipropetrovsk Customs.

The speakers from the Customs gave the basic information and after each block, the participants put questions and received consultations.

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