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11/ 04/ 2019

Olfaction is the strongest human sense. Smells are highly emotive and cause up to 75% of daily emotions. We take15 breaths and exhalations per minute, which is near 20,000 times a day. More than 1,000 human DNA genes are closely linked with a sense of smell and subconscious perception of the world. Scents and smells evoke emotions, images and associations, create the mood, influence decision-making and define behavior. They immediately influence the subconscious mind, bypassing rational thinking. No doubt, it is a powerful tool of influencing people. It’s not surprising that aroma marketing – the art of creating emotions and mood with smells – is developing rapidly nowadays. Hotels, banking and finance industry, retail, automotive business etc. use aromas in their daily routine.

 Participants learned how to differentiate themselves from the competitors using aromas, how to stimulate employees’ mental activity, motivate consumers to buy products, reduce fear in the medical clinic and produce unforgettable impression… Olfaction expert Kristina Kurganska shared her experience of creating aroma brands for different types of business. “Aroma strengthen the relations with the client through his emotions during 30 seconds. So, you should not ignore such a powerful tool in business,” advises Christina.


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Kristina Kurganskaya
Founder and Managing Partner of Ol.factory - Flavor Management Service; olfactory expert
Kristina Kurganskaya


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