Kharkiv Real Estate

12/ 09/ 2018

September, 12 2018. The experts of the EBA Real Estate, Investment and Strategic Development Committee in Kharkiv are:

  • Igor Balaka, the Head of the Committee & Krona PPF Director General
  • Abdurakhman Shaykhalov, Step by Step Group of Companies owner
  • Yuri Kostoglodov, ICOM Capital Executive Partner

The speakers shared the most up-to-date information re RE-2018 current tendencies and development opportunities; investments in Real Estate sector; energy efficiency as a driver for RE market growth, etc.

The key statements of the meeting are the following:

  1. Kharkiv is one of the: 1) pioneers of RE market development in general and, particularly, 2) leaders of the primary housing market (approx. 70% operation in the housing RE market).
  2. The primary housing area innovations are cooperation between RE developers and banks; residential property leasing; active competition among developers etc. For the latter, the specialists warned about the possible problem of incomplete constructions, which may cause high risks for potential investors.
  3. The secondary housing tendencies: competition between developers (‘trade in’), build-to-suit (foreign students, young families, passive investors), RE market segmentation.
  4. In 2018, the development of the commercial RE market becomes sustainable. At the very beginning, the IT-sector expansion served as a catalyzer for such process. This led to the rising costs for commercial RE (up to 20-40% compared to the 2017 figures).
  5. The most topical energy efficiency issue, in particular, in the EU, is the provision of a legislative framework for energy-efficient housing conditions + relevant perspective projects’ implementation (e.g., Basic House).

We are grateful to the experts for an interesting event and active discussion!

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