21/ 06/ 2018

Representatives of the Customs Committee met to discuss the following issues:

  1. Absence of selective phytosanitary control of wooden packaging material
  2. Problems of grey import. The results of the inspection of the Odessa Customs Office in May 2018. Conclusions and results
  3. What are the changes in the priorities of the Department of Customs Policy of the Ministry of Finance in connection with new top management team?
  4. Other:

4.1. General issue regarding changes of HS code by Custom (retrospectively) and its consequences to business (as recent example – radiators of vehicles);

4.2. Is it possible to avoid examination of medical devices every time? The situation is that medical devices are often given with drugs in temperature control trucks.

4.3. Veterinary control. After 05.05.2018 the veterinary service control has increased significantly, not taken into account the availability of an international veterinary certificate.

4.4. Is it necessary for company (freight forwarder) the original international road transport bill (CMR)? Can it be used as a copy to be reflected in the company’s accounting and reporting? What legislative documents regulate such issues?

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