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Schneider Electric stands up for gender equality on International Women’s Day

12/ 03/ 2018
  Rueil Malmaison– March 8, 2018 – Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today honors International Women’s Day, a day observed on March 8th  to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide, while calling to action to accelerate gender equality. At Schneider Electric, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate our longstanding commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, our most recent achievements for a more gender equal world but also to engage our leaders and employees on our next steps to foster gender equality. International Women’s Day at Schneider Electric this year At Schneider Electric, diversity and inclusion is an integral part of who we are and what differentiates us. Our ambition is to provide equal opportunities to everyone everywhere and to ensure all employees feel uniquely valued and safe to contribute their best. This is how we drive innovation, engagement and high performance. Every year, March 8 is taken as an opportunity to celebrate our most recent achievements for gender equality but also to engage our leaders and employees in constructive discussions on how we can continue to advance gender equality within the company. In 2018, events will be rolled out worldwide to focus on how to build a more inclusive culture. In many of our sites – including our global hubs in Paris, Hong Kong, Boston – All our employees and leaders will be mobilized on a key step in our journey to improve gender equality: broadening the cooperation and support of male colleagues for gender equality. Because research has shown that diversity does not work without inclusion, everyone at Schneider Electric is to be included in the gender equality conversation. Schneider Electric starts the year as a proud member of the 2018 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index Based on a self-disclosure survey, the index lists 104 companies that have made strong commitments to gender diversity. Olivier Blum, Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President at Schneider Electric, commented: “Our diversity and inclusion philosophy aims to provide equal opportunities to everyone everywhere, and ensure that all our employees feel uniquely valued and safe to contribute their best. The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index gives us an opportunity to be evaluated among the best performers, while serving as a barometer for our efforts as a gender-equal employer. Our inclusion in the index strengthens our resolve to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are valued.” Schneider Electric’s longstanding commitment to gender equality Schneider Electric’s recent inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index is a great recognition our numerous initiatives to drive positive change and monitor progress towards a gender equal company as well as a gender equal world. Global Family Leave policy In 2017, Schneider Electric launched its Global Family Leave Policy. By addressing various leave needs - parental, care and bereavement – our truly inclusive policy supports employees to manage their unique life and work no matter who they are or where they may be. Gender pay equity process In 2017, Schneider Electric celebrated its second anniversary as an IMPACT 10x10x10 champion. The UN Women HeforShe movement can count us in as one of 30 key decision-makers from governments, corporations and universities spearheading the move to make gender equality an institutional priority. At the end of 2017, Schneider Electric was proud to have achieved one of its HeforShe commitments: 85% of our employees work in countries covered by a gender pay equity process. Gender pay equity now stands among the 16 key indicators in our quarterly “Planet & Society” sustainable development barometer. Access to Energy Training & Entrepreneurship program Our Access to Energy Training & Entrepreneurship program is a bridging answer to gender, employment and access to energy issues in emerging economies. In Brazil, Nigeria, Togo, Cameron, Egypt, and Vietnam, Schneider Electric provides local training to disadvantaged people to develop their technical as well as entrepreneurial skills in the energy field. Empowering both men and women with opportunities for income generation in this field has been locally changing mindsets regarding women in society. In 2018, Schneider Electric is partnering with Plan International on a project to develop women entrepreneurship in the energy sector in Senegal, Mali, and Niger.

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