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Відкрита лекція: Як побудувати плоску організацію

дата: 18/06/2019


Leading scientists believe that the principal science of the next century will be the study of complex, self-organizing and adaptive systems. But even though we are only now starting to get our heads around it, self-management is not a startling new invention by any means. It is the way life has operated in the world for billions of years, bringing forth creatures and ecosystems so magnificent and complex we can hardly comprehend them.

Great thanks to Andreas Flodström and Anastasia Hyzhnyak for an outstanding and dynamic lecture Як побудувати плоску організацію, unique providing input and comprehensible content. Special thanks to Beetroot UkraineCoca-Cola Ukraine2Amovers for efficient cooperation and HUB 4.0 for hospitality!



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