Відкрита лекція: XBRL. Зміни у фінансовій звітності в Україні

дата: 23/05/2019

Starting in 2019 eligible enterprises (all enterprises of public interest, including banks) prepare financial statements to international standards in XBRL format and submit them to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC). The NBU and other regulators will have access to the new system’s data, improving transparency. The new single format electronic Financial Reporting System will improve the quality, transparency and access to corporate financial statements, facilitating the exchange and analysis of business information.

Great thanks to Javier Mora Gonzalbez for an informative lecture XBRL. Зміни у фінансовій звітності в Україні, professionalism and willingness to answer the questions. Special thanks to European Union 2019Human Dynamics for productive cooperation!



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