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Тренінг: Ділова кореспонденція: п’ять кроків до чітких письмових повідомлень

дата: 20/03/2019

Overworked managers with little time might think that improving their writing is a tedious or even frivolous exercise. But knowing how to fashion an interesting and intelligent sentence is essential to communicating effectively, winning business, and setting yourself apart.

Great thanks to charming Ірина Глущенкова for an informative cultivating Training: Effective Business Writing: Five Steps to Clear Business Messages. How to Convey your Messages Effectively in Writing (Ділова кореспонденція: п’ять кроків до чітких повідомлень), relevant content, bright providing input and willingness to share the professional experience.

Special thanks to Coca-Cola Ukraine2Amovers for pleasant cooperation, and HUB 4.0 for hospitality!



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