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Програма розвитку для управлінців Pre-MBA. Module 4 – Потужна комунікація та переговори

дата: 20/11/2021

To understand good communication, we must also understand what isn’t being said. Being an effective communicator means being able to both actively listen and clearly express yourself to those around you. Effective communication requires a diverse skillset that covers both verbal and nonverbal communication cues, as well as close listening.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Cheryl Isaacs – Charted Psychologist, Trainer and Executive Coach, London Business School for the fascinating informative module “Powerful Communication & Negotiations” of Pre-MBA Programme, comprehensible content and unsurpassed professionalism! Special thanks to our partners: City College, University of York Europe Campus, OPM Ltd. – Occupational Psychology Matters, Dressler Consulting, La Famiglia Catering, IDS Borjomi Ukraine, Sigma Software Group for efficient cooperation!



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