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Програма розвитку для управлінців Pre-MBA. Модуль 6. – Впровадження інновацій

дата: 12/02/2022

How a company promotes innovation in the workplace should be unique to their goals and objectives. However, one thing is certain, you can’t force innovation. A company must create an environment that cultivates and nurtures creativity and collaboration and from there innovation can be realized.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation Karen-Marie Kragelund – change catalyst and organisational bridge builder, an expert in organisational transformation initiatives, specialising in leadership development programmes, communication; stakeholder engagement strategies, and cross-functional operational excellence processes for the fascinating informative module “Prompting Innovation” of Pre-MBA Programme, comprehensible content and unsurpassed professionalism!

Special thanks to our partners: City College, University of York Europe Campus, OPM Ltd. – Occupational Psychology Matters, Dressler Consulting, La Famiglia Catering, IDS Borjomi Ukraine, EmotionFit, Sigma Software Group and Освіторія Хаб for efficient cooperation!



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