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Програма розвитку для управлінців Pre-MBA. Модуль 3 – Стратегічний менеджмент

дата: 30/10/2021

Operations and operations management are of strategic importance toan organization. This is because all of the aspirations that modern day organizations have to excel in any of the following – mass customization, lean production, agile manufacturing, customer-centric provision and so on – depend on the ability of the organization to actually do these things and such capabilities reside within operation.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Chris Dressler, a results-oriented, people-focused IT Executive with over 30 years of technology experience, a President and founder of Dressler Consulting LLC (US, NYC) for the interesting informative module “Strategic Management” of Pre-MBA Programme, comprehensible content and unsurpassed professionalism!

Special thanks to our partners: City College, University of York Europe Campus, Dressler Consulting, La Famiglia Catering, IDS Borjomi Ukraine, Sigma Software Group for efficient cooperation!



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