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Програма розвитку для управлінців Pre-MBA. Модуль 1. – Управління персоналом та організаційна поведінка

дата: 18/09/2021

Every organization says that its most important resource is its people! Yet, how we manage these resources, what makes them effective and what they are looking for is very often misunderstood. What experience has taught us is that creating a motivated workforce goes well beyond simple payment of wages.

EBA Management Development Centre together with University of York, Europe Campus, City College (UK) successfully launched the fifth season of Pre-MBA Programme with a great group of participants willing to change themselves, change their companies, change Ukraine and the world!

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Leslie T. Szamosi, Senior Lecturer of the Executive MBA, University of York, Europe Campus, City College (UK), PhD in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management (Carleton University, Canada) for the great dynamic start of PMD Pre-MBA, unsurpassed professionalism and inspiration!

Special thanks to our partners: City College, University of York Europe Campus, La Famiglia Catering, IDS Borjomi Ukraine, Sigma Software for efficient cooperation!



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