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PMD Pre-MBA Module 4. Neuro-management, Change & Innovation

дата: 30/06/2018

If you have always believed that we have only one brain, you have been deeply mistaken! There are 36 grouped neurosysytems which can be classified into 3 main brains: Action Brain, Thinking Brain and Emotional Brain. These three brain approach helps us to understand organisational change and human behaviour in organisations.

The forth module was devoted to Neuro-management Change & Innovation with Alexandros Psichogios, Professor of International HRM, Birmingham City University (UK), Visiting Lecturer in the CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield. With references to brain science, behavioural science and modern management approaches, it was shown that Neuro-management is a balance between meeting needs for organisational change and innovation and adapting to the internal and external contexts.



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