ANTIKA Law Firm is the full service Ukrainian law firm based in Kyiv. The partners of the Firm have over 15 years’ experience in providing business law advice to local and international corporate clients engaged in economic and investment activity in Ukraine and other countries. The Firm’s practices: • LITIGATION AND ARBITRATION • ANTITRUST LAW • CORPORATE AND COMMERCIAL LAW • MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS • PROJECT FINANCING, INCLUDING CONCESSIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURE • INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS • LEGAL EXPERTISE • LAND LAW & REAL ESTATE ANTIKA consists of 15 lawyers, which create the real and professional team. All ANTIKA team members are professionals having deep knowledge of law, wide experience in legal practice and highly professional skills to provide comprehensive and creative solutions based upon a bespoke approach to every client‘s task and project. We believe and do our best to create confident, fundamental and lifetime relations with all ANTIKA clients. The Firm serves Ukrainian, Russian, European and multinational companies doing business in various industries including telecommunications, heavy industry, chemical, food, automotive, banks and financial institutions, development, construction and real estate, retail, media and sports. This is not a complete list of industries we are dealing with. MEMBERSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP The members of ANTIKA team are recognized leaders in their areas of practice and are recommended by Ukrainian and international law directories in the field of antitrust, litigation, commercial law, securities, mergers and acquisitions. The Firm is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and the European Business Association. The Partners of the Firm are members of: • the International Bar Association; • the Managing Council (on behalf of Ukraine) for Supporting Competition in the CIS Non-Profit Partnership; • the Scientific and Advisory Council of the Higher Economic Court of Ukraine; • the Scientific and Research Council of the State Committee of Ukraine for Land Resources; • the Ukrainian Bar Association The Firm maintains longstanding cooperative and partnership relationships with the leading Ukrainian research and scientific institutions.

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