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Household appliances, tools, food, sanitary facilities, medicines

Company / organization: ГО "Мукачівська міська організація "САМЕРС".
Region: Закарпатська обл.

I am Oleksandr Kotsur – Chairman of the Board of the NGO “Mukachevo City Organization” Summers “.
Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, we have begun to receive, at the location of the sports boxing club “Summers”, forcibly displaced persons, children, women, the elderly and the disabled, animals evacuated from the hottest spots of Ukraine, including Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Irpin, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Luhansk, Donetsk region and other settlements affected by aggression.
For the whole period from 02/26/2022 to nowadays, more than 2,000 people have passed through us. Some of them, with our help, found new life in different parts on the west of Ukraine and other European countries. Currently, 80 people live on the territory of “Summers” permanently. Also, about 50 people with severe visual impairments have been living at our location for over 30 years.
We need any possible support for the following:
1. We carry out repairs on our own at an additional location, which can accommodate on an ongoing basis an average of +45 people for 40-50 beds, with the ability to take a shower, use bathrooms, cook in a portable smart kitchen.
To do this, we need partial support for building materials, tools and appliances:
– refrigerator
– freezers
– washing machines – 3 pcs.
– microwave – 3 amount
– multicooker – 3 pcs.
– electric oven and hob – 1 pc.
– kitchen ventilation – 1 piece.
– chainsaw or electric saw – 2 pcs., for cutting firewood (the main heat supply of premises and cooking takes place on firewood)
– mechanical metal dryers for clothes after washing – 5 pcs.
– Bulgarian – 3 pcs.
– perforator – 1 piece.
– plaster spatulas – 4 pcs.
– paint rollers – 4 pcs.
– buckets and containers for pharmaceuticals and cement mortar – 4 pcs.
– aluminum profile for suspended ceiling Armstrong – 700 p.m.
– screwdrivers – 3 pcs.
– drill with drills – 3 pcs.
– industrial vacuum cleaner – 1 piece.
– portable washer Kercher – 1 pc.
2. Systematically, weekly products are needed:
– canned fish, meat, legumes.
– canned stew.
– pasta.
– flour.
– oil.
– cereals.
– pate.
– dry bread.
– baby dry food and puree.
– coffee, tea.
– sweets – cookies, candies, chocolate, halva.
– juices, water, long-term storage milk.
– yogurts and kefir.
– frozen meat and fish.
– semi-finished meat, sausages.
3. Household chemicals and personal hygiene products are systematically necessary:
– domestos or disinfectant,
– dishwashing detergents,
– sponges, brushes and nets for washing dishes,
– microfiber and rags for wiping surfaces.
– towels.
– underwear for children, women and men.
– briefs, socks.
– toilet paper and paper towels
– toothpastes, brushes.
– antiseptics.
– shampoos, shower gels for children and adults.
– liquid and solid soap.
4. For the office we need:
– A4 printing paper.
– printer and scanner.
– a laptop or personal computer for an additional employee, speeding up the process of performing tasks and creating databases with greater efficiency.
5. Also, you need medicines:
– analgesics,
– antipyretics,
– anti-inflammatory,
– nasal drops,
– anti-stress,
– anti-influenza,
– sorbents,
– antidiarrheal,
– vitamins in capsules, chewable for children,
– iodine, celery, bandages, cotton wool, syringes 5 cubic meters,
– analgesic and anti-inflammatory ampoules – voltoren, dicloburn, diclofenac, nimid,
– ointments nimide, baneocin, panthenol,
– mosquito sprays,
– sprays and ointments against mosquito bites,
– fumigators with fillers from mosquitoes like Raptor or Reid.
– antidepressants such as Glycesed, valerian.
We look forward to your participation and support, at least in something on this list.
All accompanying registration and supporting documents in certified and sealed copies are ready to provide by e-mail at the first request.
We thank you!
Glory to Ukraine!

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