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Company / organization: Центр надання соціальних послуг Бердичівської міської ради Житомирської області
Region: Житомирська обл.

The Berdychiv City Council’s Center for Social Services provides social services to about 2,000 people in difficult life circumstances, including internally displaced, but the furniture in the institution is extremely outdated, if necessary to gather all the staff of 97 people, there are not enough tables. To arrange the modern space of the Center it is necessary:
single-column desks – 20 pcs;
corner office tables – 6 pcs;
tables – transformers – 6 pcs;
office tables – 50 pcs;
office chairs – 120 pcs;
cabinets for documents – 20 pcs;
wardrobes – 10 pcs;
curbstones – 20 pcs;

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