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Financial aid to the local producers and population

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The Ministry of Social Policy informs that the Ukrainian company LLC “Economy of Trust” has organized and launched a program to provide direct assistance to Ukrainians by financing Ukrainian producers on the ground.

A company, enterprise, or sole proprietor who works in Ukraine and who wants to help Ukrainians and provide material assistance free of charge and without profit, can join the project by:

  • Filling in the applications for assistance.
  • Concluding the contract;
  • Receiving funds;
  • Providing free assistance to citizens and/or volunteer organizations;
  • Reporting (photos, videos, if possible, write-off documents).

When filling out the application, the company needs to indicate the amount and period of financing, for example: baking 1000 bread loaves per day, the prime cost of one loaf is 25 hryvnias, the price of daily production – 25,000 hryvnias. After receiving the funds, the recipient company undertakes to bake 1,000 loaves of bread a day and distribute them to people or volunteers. As long as there is a report (as a video and photo), funding will continue.

To be eligible for assistance, companies need to guarantee that they will work for no profit, all products will be shipped free of charge as charitable support to citizens and volunteer organizations.

Please note that the funds will be transferred to companies as targeted charitable assistance. The manufacturer must distribute its products to citizens and volunteer organizations at cost.

Contact person – Yulia Chufistova tel. +380999803804, website: http://unitedstudentsukraine.org/, Henry Sterenberg, Linkedin – http://www.linkedin.com/in/henryshterenberg


Account details:

Economics of Trust LLC, USREOU: 42392340

street Vozdvyzhenskaya, 22, apt. 12,

Kyiv, 04071


Bank JSC CB “Privatbank”

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