The Big Compliance Festival 2020

29/ 05/ 2020

We’re excited to introduce the BIGGEST online event for regulatory and financial crime compliance professionals in 2020.

A uniquely immersive experience where we can discover, learn, connect and shape the future together. With over 70 speakers in over 60 sessions, supplemented by live Q&As, podcasts, whitepapers and roundtables, this is an occasion you can’t afford to miss.

The festival will be held in three parts:

  • Part One –  June-July
  • Part Two – September-October 
  • Part Three – November-December

Registration for Part One is now open.

Part One

Eight days of thought leadership, discussion and virtual networking in June and July focused on these key themes:

  1. Day One, 10 June – Change and Culture
  2. Day Two, 11 June – Communication
  3. Day Three, 18 June – Fraud
  4. Day Four, 25 June – RegTech
  5. Day Five, 2 July – Leadership
  6. Day Six, 9 July – Financial Crime
  7. Day Seven, 16 July – People, Profit, and Planet
  8. Day Eight, 23 July – Operational Risk

More details can be found here – https://bigcompfest2020.int-comp.org/.

Special price for EBA members.

For getting a promo code for 10% discount, please, write to Liliya.Yamborak@eba.com.ua

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