The 3rd Renpower Ukraine – The Renewable Energy & Power Finance and Investment Conference 2020

01/ 10/ 2019

We are pleased to inform you that the forthcoming 3rd Renpower Ukraine – The Renewable Energy & Power Finance and Investment Conference 2020 is planned on next January 30th in the city of Kyiv. 

The Forum has established itself in the calendar of major energy events in Ukraine and in the previous two years we welcomed over 300 participants from 29 countries. 

These are exciting and turbulent times for the Ukraine energy sector.  The New Electricity Market has started working three months ago introducing new model of relations between suppliers and consumers of electricity, to which they need to adapt very quickly. 

This year the forum will emphasize on large moderated panels to include more experts from various background:  senior energy officials and representatives of energy stakeholders, legislators and regulators, developers, investors, financiers, legal consultants and others.  Next months will bring many changes and news to the industry and by January the program will gather a pool of over 30 well-recognized experts from the public and private sector to brainstorm and dug deep into the outcomes of the new realities of the Ukraine energy market.

As every year EBA members will be able to book a seat in the room or a pro-active presence and visibility for your company with exclusive discounts of 10%-15% for the various levels of participation.

Please, contact Mr. Preslav Bobev in Euroconvention Global for the latest agenda, registration form and sponsorship packages.  Do not forget to mention your EBA membership!    

Email pbobev@euroconventionglobal.com Tel. +421 905 107703

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