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With over 4,500 professionals working out of 100 offices in 65 countries, TMF is the world leading independent provider of accounting and corporate secretarial services. TMF has a strong track record of growth and anticipates doubling the size of its network in the next few years, putting strong emphasis on its shared values and culture. The group’s activities are divided up into nine services lines, including: Bookkeeping and reporting services As an independent third party, we manage your accounting processes efficiently, and provide you with the timely and accurate information and analysis that is critical to strategic decision-making. Services include: statutory bookkeeping and international management reporting services, consolidated reporting services, monthly or quarterly assistance in preparing output accounting reports and accounting reconciliation. Human resource and payroll services We offer str ict confidentiality, flexible fee structures and salary administration costs, with the responsive, personal service you need. Services include: payroll processing, complete management reporting and cost analysis, and human resource services for companies of any size. Domiciliary and management services TMF offers incorporation, registration, and local representation services by highly experienced local managers and proxy-holders. Corporate secretarial services A single point of contact to coordinate all your corporate secretarial service needs, supported by a global TMF office network providing comprehensive country coverage and local expertise. Services include: maintaining the company’s (shareholder) registers, the organization of board and shareholders’ meetings, reporting to the appropriate authorities, filing of returns, operating of bank accounts, preparation of payment instructions, reviewing and preparation of corporate legal documents. And the following specialized services: • international VAT and IPT services • structured finance services • international licensing and collection services • fund administration services • registrar and shareholder services For detailed information about our service, specialized folders are available from all of our offices, or visit our website at www.tmf-group.com A single point of contact Clients who require our services in multiple jurisdictions may choose to have a single point of contact to coordinate all management and accounting service needs, supported by a global TMF office network providing comprehensive country coverage and local expertise.

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Наша місія - це колаборація компаній зі спільними цінностями.
Ми отримаємо Ваш запит і протягом двох робочих днів надішлемо його тому співробітнику компанії, для якого воно буде максимально корисним.
У Вашої компанії є 10 спроб на рік заочно познайомитися з іншими компаніями. Якщо Ви бажаєте збільшити цю кількість, будь ласка, зв’яжіться з нами.
Зверніть увагу, що відповідно до Кодексу Поведінки Асоціації на платформі Асоціації забороняється вчинення будь-яких узгоджених дій, що можуть обмежити конкуренцію між Членами Асоціації.
Пишіть нам у випадку додаткових питань і пропозицій.

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