Travel Agency Royal Voyage has been working at the market of travel services since 1993. Today it holds one of the leading positions in the South-Eastern part of Ukraine, being an exclusive and at the same time multidisciplinary regional tour operator with a broad geography of holiday destinations. Tour Operator Royal Voyage is the parent company of the group of travel companies working on terms of franchising and under the trade mark “Royal Voyage”: Royal Voyage LTD, Avia Voyage PE, UKRVOYAZHSERVICE PE, Royal Voyage Tour PE, Regional Travel Service PE. The company Head office is situated in Donetsk. There is also a branch in Kyiv – Travel Company Royal Voyage LTD – providing premium and VIP-clients servicing in Northern regions of the country. Avia Voyage PE is among the greatest agencies in air tickets sale in Donetsk city and Donetsk region, has IATA accreditation and works practically with all air companies presented in Ukrainian market of air services. The main mission of the Royal Voyage is the rest organization based on the highest level of services, wide range of recreation alternatives, maximal comfort of clients and also on the professionalism and experience of its employees. Activity of Travel Company Royal Voyage is directed to rendering of high quality travel product, namely: formation and realization of tour packages under the directions of more than 80 countries of the world, visa support, reservation of air tickets, transport services, insurance services (medical insurance and accident insurance), organization of education abroad, sightseeing. It also provides domestic travel services at the resorts of Ukraine including proposals of various therapeutic and sightseeing programs. Moreover, Royal Voyage became the discoverer of charter programs in Donetsk region under such directions as Thailand (Utapao), Italy (Ancona, Milan, Rome, Pisa), Greece (i. Rhodes), France (Paris, Nice), Israel (Tel-Aviv), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Montenegro (Tivat) etc. Royal Voyage has obtained accreditation at the Consular Departments of the Embassies of 18 countries of the world. Royal Voyage is the member of the Association of Travel Industry Leaders of Ukraine (ATILU). Among the awards, confirming the high level of professionalism and dynamic development of the company, are the Prize of All Ukrainian Goods Quality Contest “Top 100 the best goods of Ukraine”, “Professional Tourist Premium of Donbas”, testimonial certificates of Donetsk Region State Administration, etc.

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