Kusum – it is a pharmaceutical group of companies. We provide high quality medicines for patients around the world. The group has 4 contemporary state of the art manufacturing facilities located in Ukraine and in India. These plants are built as per the GMP and PIC/S norms. 1) Sumy – Ukraine plant Sumy facilities are located on huge 5.4 hector of land with built up area of 5,800 sq metres. This facility is equipped to manufacture oral solids in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, pallets, and oral liquids. 2) Plants (2 production areas) in Bhiwadi India: Bhiwadi is located just 80 km. from New Delhi and is very well connected through rail and road. It is only 45 km. away from the New Delhi international and domestic airport. 3) Plant in SEZ Pitampur (Indore industrial zone) is a modern and biggest production site in Kusum group of companies. These facilities are equipped to manufacture various dosage forms such as oral solids, oral liquids and various topical dosage forms.
Our manufacturing plant has facility to manufacture oral solids, topical dosage forms. Various dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, ointments, creams, topical liquids, shampoos, suppositories and enemas can be manufactured at this facility and packed in different types of packages. All our manufacturing facilities are equipped with PLC based equipment meeting to c-GMP standards. Group has complete in house formulation research and development capability. The group has complete sales and marketing set up in countries like Ukraine, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Philippines and Myanmar. Currently near 100 brands in about 150 dosage forms have been registered and marketed in Ukraine and about the same numbers are under various stages of development and will be marketed over a very short span of time.
This is just the beginning of the thousand mile journey and still there is a long way to go. Pillars of success till now are and will continue to be high quality of products, and service to customers and end users, commitment to people and all stake holders and above all commitment to value systems in all aspects of business.

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