During its successful activity at the Ukrainian market of building materials and household goods Debut-Сentre, LLC has recommended itself as a stable company with dynamic development and acquired more than 5000 enterprises with different patterns of ownership as the clients. The company business is client-oriented and based on modern innovatory approach, corporate service and philosophy. Today Debut-Centre is one of the leaders in the sector of complex supply of companies and organizations with building materials and household goods. The company works under an official trade mark, uses licensed software; all goods are certified and accompanied with appropriate documents. Qualified personnel that upgrade professional skills regularly focus on the common result and strive to achieve within the corporate culture. As an official dealer of more then 20 enterprises Debut-Centre holds long-term business relations with its partners. Among them there are: Eurocement Group, Knauf, Knauf AMF, Henkel, Ursa, Odek Trading, Sоudal etc. It allows the company to keep up the wide range of goods (now more than 20 000 of descriptions) of high quality to offer: building materials and equipment, paints and varnishes, instruments, household appliances, lawn-and-garden products and others. The storage platform reaches 11 000 square meters.

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