The first Antoshka store was opened in 1997 – in the format children’s supermarket – unique for Ukraine. Today, Antoshka stores are present in 17 Ukrainian cities.
By developing multi-channel model and constantly creating new services for customers, Antoshka store keeps its leadership position in the children’s goods market.
The head office is located in Odessa. Regional offices of the company are opened in million plus cities – Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro and Lviv.
Antoshka strives for constant contact with buyers both in traditional stores and online. In 2013, online sales channel antoshka.ua was launched, and this was the beginning of multi-channel concept.
Today, Antoshka is on the rise. Our achievements are embodied in the unique services that provide a competitive advantage to our customers and encourage their loyal attitude. Pediatrician advice, future mom’s classes, development clubs, children’s hairdressers, cafeterias, playgrounds allow us to focus on all areas of child development, acting as a consultant and assistant for the parents. Our leadership in the children’s goods market for 20 years has been ensured with a high level of safety and quality of the products in our stores. Our partners are leading national, European and global producers of baby food, accessories, furniture, toys, clothes and footwear.
The chain of children’s stores “Antoshka” is a part of the RedHead Family Corporation (founded in 1994 as “Europroduct”). RedHead is a leader in the children’s goods market and the largest family company in Ukraine in the children’s segment.
The founder and president of the RedHead family corporation is Vladislav Burda.

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