Головань і Партнери

Golovan and Partners Law Firm is the association of advocates registered by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice in 1996. For over 15 years our advocates have been reliable advisers and protectors of interests of our clients as Pravis Law Firm and in 2007 the name was changed to Golovan and Partners Law Firm. At present it has offices in Donetsk (headquarters) and in Kiev. We love Ukraine and know its laws. We offer to our clients not only our professionalism, but also strict adherence to the high standards of ethics (Regulations of advocate’s ethics). Strict confidentiality of our communication with the client is protected by law (Articles № 22, 23 of the Law of Ukraine «On advocacy and advocate’s activity»). In our work with clients we are guided by the most important principle of professional advocacy — the clients’ interests are of the highest priority to us and we use all our experience and comprehensive knowledge of law and in-depth understanding of Ukrainian business and government sphere in order to be able to meet these interests. We always act effectively and make all efforts to solve the task set within short terms. We are constantly improving and make all efforts for our new clients to feel as regular ones, and the clients with whom we work for many years continue confiding in us

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