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EBA Lviv: Gamification: Contemporary Way to Engage Employees and Customers

  • Дата: 14/06/2018 (ЧТ)
  • Час: 09:00 - 12:00
Місце проведення:

SoftServe Lviv HQ

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  EBA Lviv: Gamification: Contemporary Way to Engage Employees and Customers. Дата: 14 червня2018. Час: 09:00 12:00. Місце проведення: SoftServe Lviv HQ. EBA Western Ukrainian Office together with International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, CITY College gladly invite you to the educational workshop on Gamification as the Contemporary Way to Engage Employees and Customers What is it about? The open seminar in question will attempt to shed light on the technique of gamification as a modern tool in engaging employees and customers. The principles of gamification will be discussed and how excitement (hence commitment) can develop through the use of the 10 game mechanics, the six-step method that can be employed, and the psychology behind such an effort. Examples will be presented of success stories involving gamification in a number of industries, ranging from the hotel and hospitality industry to retailing. Why to come? Participants will be exposed to the principles behind gamification, the step-by-step method that could be followed, and a number of recent cases that have boosted the performance and revenue of organizations. Time: 9:00 - 12:00 (welcome coffee 9:00-9:30) Date: Thursday, 14 June, Lviv Location: SoftServe Lviv HQ, 2a Sadova St. Language: English without translation Participation fee: UAH 500 for EBA member companies, UAH 1000 for non-members of EBA. Target audience: people in managerial positions involved in HR, marketing, sales, and any other business department. Presenter: Chris Liassides Chris Liassides is a faculty member of the Business Administration and Economics Department of CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield.  He also has extensive experience in the Property Development sector and a 22-year teaching experience in Business Studies. Recently, he has participated in two EU-funded research projects. He is also acting as a Marketing and Strategy consultant for STEROPAL SA., MAKRO Hellas, Ramada Encore Hotel, Kiev, and other organizations.Ви можете поставити питання:. Контактна особа:. Юля Скрилюк. E-mail [email protected]. Контактний телефон. 032 261 40 67.

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Юля Скрилюк

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