Attract and hold. Motivation system for staff of the facility company

22/ 02/ 2019

In the field of facility management, staff is the main resource of the company. From the engineering staff depends on the correct operation of the systems and the creation of comfortable conditions inside the premises, the attendants are responsible for the external and internal appearance of the property, as well as the mood of the visitors and the favorable atmosphere, and without a responsible managerial level, the service delivery model will not work. The quality of services, as the most important competitive advantage depends on many factors, and the staff here plays an important role.

Labor Market Problems in Facility Management

Facility managers

All over the world, as in Ukraine, facilitation companies feel an acute shortage of labor. First of all, this applies directly to the profession of facilitation managers. FM specialization requires diverse knowledge in the technical, financial, economic, marketing, HR sphere. Combining such extensive knowledge in one person is quite difficult, so a good Facility Manager is always in value. And this means that in order to keep it one paycheck will not be enough. The system of adaptation, training, bonuses and creating a positive atmosphere is an important component of the HR service.

Service staff

Talk about service personnel. In developed countries, the quality and quantity of service personnel largely depends on the emigration policy. The influx of refugees and immigrants significantly affects the HR market. For example, the United Kingdom in connection with Brexit, and the tightening of immigration policy, at this stage is experiencing an acute shortage of staff.

In Ukraine, the reasons for the lack of staff are somewhat different. Over the past few years, we have seen a global outflow of labor abroad, and as a result, a declining level of skills in the domestic market. Traditionally, work with service personnel is associated with high turnover and, accordingly, with the difficulty of maintaining the quality of services at the proper level. Therefore, the creation of a simple and structured system of training and adaptation comes to the fore.


The problems associated with the engineers largely coincide with those already listed above. However, the main difference here is the need for a certain level of technical knowledge that cannot be obtained in a few days. In addition, an important role in working with building systems is played by experience, which allows you to anticipate breakdowns and eliminate them at the initial stage.

Tips from the experts of the company SHEN

How to hire and, most importantly, retain staff in the modern realities? Alexander Khomenko and Svetlana Kozhushko, experts on the selection and adaptation of SHEN, give some practical advice on how to work with staff during this difficult time for the market.

How to attract staff? This is probably the first and most important issue we face in our work at SHEN.

When recruiting staff, it is important to highlight key values ​​for the future employee, in addition to salary. Having a fairly extensive experience in communicating with candidates, we identified several key components:

  • Security. This value is often neglected. However, each employee wants to feel protected, to know that he will not be abandoned, will help to adapt and join the work process.
  • Involvement. Starting with a phone call and ending in a personal meeting, be friendly with the applicant and give him enough time. Rudeness and indifference can lead to an outflow of applicants and in the end only harm the company. The positive atmosphere of the team always contributes to the smooth process of adaptation and the general interest in the work.
  • Respect. Perhaps the banal has long been, but the rule that has not lost its strength – treat people the way you want them to treat you, the most important thing in the field of HR.
  • Self-realization. At the time of attracting a candidate, do not let him forget that development is an important part of the work, which is greatly welcomed by the company. The existing SHEN training programs only help professional growth and any employee can use them.

An important problem in the overwhelming majority of enterprises is the insufficient organization of corporate culture and weak motivation of staff (both material and non-material). As a result – we can get an outflow of high-quality staff, at the slightest failure in the system. The bias should be done on the development of a specialist, and not only on the financial component.

Based on the foregoing, it is worth noting that the correct approach to the system of selection, training and adaptation of personnel plays a crucial role in the business model of facilitation management. Motivation, support and accurate understanding of their role in the company gives staff confidence in the future, which directly affects loyalty and significantly reduces staff turnover.

Source: https://shen.ua/en/sistema_motivacii_personala_ot_SHEN

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