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Offer valid until: 30.04.2022

Military uniform, army boots (purchase/production)

Company / organization: European Business Association
Region: Полтавська обл.

The company Ferrexpo needs to purchase/organize the sewing of summer military uniforms and army boots. In total, 100 uniform sets are needed:

Military uniform:
48 size – 25 pcs
50-52 size – 40 pcs
54-54 size – 25 pcs
56-58 size – 10 pcs

Summer army boots:
41 size – 10 pairs
42 size – 35 pairs
43 size – 35 pairs
44 size – 10 pairs
45 size – 10 pairs

56 cm – 10 pcs
58 cm – 80 pcs
60 cm – 10 pcs

Recipient destination: Horishni Plavni

Contact person: Victoria Shcherbak, +380504116453

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