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Equipment, or financing the purchase of equipment, to increase the production of dry rations

Company / organization: БО БФ "Польова Кухня Б-50"
Region: м. Київ

Friends! You may know that the B-50 Field Kitchen makes galettes for the formation of individual diets (dry rations) for the military.
Our products were to the liking of the military and we were asked to start the production of galettes on an industrial scale. It is necessary to make about 10 thousand packages of galettes a week! We currently produce about 3,000 packages a week.
The equipment we have with such volumes will not cope, and the necessary equipment is very expensive and we can not buy it. That is why we have a very serious request for you. Maybe you know companies that are currently forced to work and that could somehow give us or lend us something from the list below during the war. We promise to return immediately after the victory.
So what we need:
1. Sifter for flour vibrating industrial productivity of 100-150 kg/h.

2. Dough mixer for preparation of long (hard) dough (one-time loading of dough not less than 40 kg).

3. Rotary oven, type Bake Off E11.

4. Automatic packing scales with a middle class of accuracy.

We are counting on your support!
📞 +380999058129, Olya (technical issues)
📞 +380504443944, Konstantin (organizational issues)


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