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Baby food

Company / organization: Путивльська міська рада
Region: Сумська обл.
RDA: Konotop district state administration

Baby food is needed:

Fermented milk products;
Milk formula for babies, bottles, packs (for children from 0 to 6 months) – without restrictions;
Hypoallergenic milk mixture (0-12 months), packs – 100 pieces;
Fermented milk products for baby food, bottles – 1000 pieces;
Kefir for baby food, bottles – 1000 pieces;
Yogurts for children, bottles, packs – 1000 pieces;
Children’s cheese, packs – 500 pieces;
Dry milk porridges for children’s dietary food, packs – 1000 pieces;
Dry vegetable-milk and fruit-milk porridges, packs – 500 pieces;
Mixtures of dry fruit-grain and vegetable-grain, packs – 500 pieces;
Lactose-free dry mixes, packs – 150 pieces;
Canned vegetables, fruit and vegetables, cans – without restrictions;
Canned fruits and berries (fruit), cans – without restrictions;
Canned vegetables and fish, cans – without restrictions;
Vegetable juices, fruit and vegetable juices, bottles, packs – without restrictions.

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