Circular Economy in action! IMMER Group’s production site in Kyiv put into operation a state-of-the-industry solvent recovery plant

02/ 05/ 2019


The Kyiv production site of IMMER Group commissioned a state-of-the-industry solvent recovery plant, which would take the environmental safety and production performance to a new level. A completely automated system eliminates environmental emissions of volatile organic compounds and enables the re-use of the feedstock in the same process. The level of emission treatment meets not only the Ukrainian standards, but also more stringent European standards.

Mrs. Irina Mirochnik, President of IMMER Group, commented on the event: “The sustainability and circular economy principles are not just a trendy lifestyle for IMMER Group, but a guideline to follow. The lowest hazardous emissions possible, re-use of feedstock, willingness to invest in long-term solutions are among the inherent qualities of an efficient, strong and socially accountable business. Currently, our solvent recovery plant is an absolute know-how for the entire industry. By doing so, IMMER Group yet again sets new standards for the flexible packaging industry and other production fields, keeping on with consistent implementation of the sustainability principles in its operations”.

How does IMMER Group’s solvent recovery plant work?

Production of flexible packaging generates air emissions laden with vapours of inks, solvents and adhesives. The emissions are piped to the recovery plant’s 6 adsorbers, which retain and regenerate the air mixture. Following dehumidification, the resulting stock is passed through the distillation process to be separated into three substances – ethyl acetate, ethanol and high-boiling solvents. Ethanol and ethyl acetate, which make 90% of all of the stock, are automatically returned into the production facilities for re-use. The third substance type, the company intends to sell on the external market. Eventually, 98.5% of the emissions are given a new life, with no harm to the environment.

Solvent recovery plant, facts and figures

  • 24/7 operation
  • 260,000 m3/h of capacity
  • 5% of emissions are treated
  • 1,000 meters – the overall length of the plant’s pipes and tanks
  • 5-year project implementation
  • EUR 5.6 million of the project’s investment value
  • 1-man-operated plant
  • 2-year operation of the plant at its full capacity may pay off the project costs

The startup of the solvent recovery plant is a part of the EBRD’s large-scale investment program amounting to EUR 29.8 million. Project’s major partners include Sites srl, ABB, Linde Gas Ukraine, Design and Research Institute VNIIHIMPROEKT, and others.

The project is yet another step of IMMER Group towards the implementation of the sustainability principles. As known, IMMER Group became part of the UN Global Compact in October 2017, and is consistent in the implementation of the sustainability goals in its operating activities.

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