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25/ 10/ 2012

The wording «domestic production» removed from the title and the text of the Ministry of Health’s Order No 1000 regarding the mantadory minimum selection list for pharmacies.

Background: On 1 November 2011 the MOH’s Draft Order “On Minimum Selection of Medical Drugs of Domestic Production at Pharmacies” (hereinafter – Draft Order) was published on the Ukraine’s Ministry of Health (hereinafter – MOH) web-site. The provisions of this Draft Order foresaw only domestically produced medical drugs present on the list of minimum selection at pharmacies.

The EBA appealed to state authorities bringing their attention to the risk of foreign manufactures’ discrimination, Order’s controversy with the Ukraine’s international commitments as regards its WTO membership and the risk of patients’ choice limit.

EBA’s position on this issue was also announced during the MOH Coordination Council meeting on 9 February 2012 and a specially dedicated meeting with Oleksiy Solovyov, Head of the State Service for Medical Drugs, on 29 March 2012.

However, on 10 April 2012, the MOH’s Order No1000 “On Minimum Selection of Medical Drugs of Domestic Production at Pharmacies” (hereinafter – the MOH’s Order) was adopted and registered in the Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice under No 524/20837.

Later on, the EBA continued its active work to seek amendments to the MOH Order and ensure equal conditions for all market players avoiding any violations of both the effective Ukrainian legislation and Ukraine’s international commitments on the whole.

Thanks to EBA’s efforts it became possible to bring EU Parliament’s special attention to this particular issue by having the short essence of this problem in the permanent creeping line during a number of EU Parliament’s sessions.

In August 2012 the new MOH’s Draft Order amending the effective MOH’s Order No 1000 by removing the words «domestic production» was initiated by the MOH as we have informed out member companies. The EBA fully supported these amendments and stated its official support to both MOH and other state authorities. The EBA received direct support of these amendments from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

We are happy to state the MOH’s Order No 703 dated 7 September 2012 amending the effective MOH’s Order No 1000 was already adopted and made effective.

The newly-adopted version of the MOH’s Order sets out equal conditions for all medical drugs’ manufacturers regardless of their origin. It is a step forward on the way to implementation of the highest EU standards of economic policy in Ukraine.

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