EKORESURS – profile company that provides a range of services in environmental security companies aimed at organizing activities in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The main advantage of our company is in a wide range of services in the sphere of nature management and environmental protection.

Partnerships with accredited analytical laboratories, by disposal companies, information centers, research and production enterprises, research institutes, editorial boards and other organizations helps us to develop the project documentation of any complexity.The company provides the following services:

1. In the analysis of the possible environmental impacts of the proposed economic activity – development of materials environmental impact assessment (EIA) – development of documents that justify the organization of sanitary protection zone; – development of documents that justify the environmental safety of goods according to the overload of technological solutions.

2. In the area of air protection:

– сonducting an inventory of emission sources, check the inventory report;  

– development of documents justifying the amounts of pollutant emissions;  

– preparation and maintenance of permits for emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from stationary sources in terms of compliance with environmental and health legislation of Ukraine;   – development of passports of gas purification facilities.

3. In the area of water resou

rces protection:

– development of individual current balance norms of water consumption and wastewater per unit of output;

– development of individual technical standards for the use of drinking water now;

– development of standards of maximum permissible discharge (MPD) of pollutants;

– preparation and maintenance of a permit for special water in terms of compliance with environmental and health legislation of Ukraine;

– drawing up passports art wells;

– obtaining a license to carry out economic activities in centralized water supply and (or) drainage.

4. In waste management:

– calculation of the total waste (Pzuv);

– drawing up and registration of the declaration on the establishment of waste;

– preparation and registration of the waste inventory report;

– preparation of technical passports for each type of waste;

– documentary support in partial compliance with sanitary registry zakonodatelstvaUkrainy and drawing maps objects of waste generation;

– documentary support in partial compliance with the sanitary legislation of Ukraine and making registry card processing facilities and waste management;

– documentary support in partial compliance with the sanitary legislation of Ukraine and preparation of special passports of waste disposal sites.

Our organization quickly took one of the first places in the field of ecology in the market. It was promoted by the following factors:

– clearly organized and well-coordinated work of the Company on the basis of such principles as collective and social responsibility;

– comprehensive and individual approach to every customer problem;

– best Price Guarantee; – performance of contractual obligations strictly in a timely manner;

– work of specialists of EKORESURS in accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation and the requirements of environmental regulatory agencies.

Our mission is to provide professional assistance to enterprises in the field of compliance with environmental legislation of Ukraine.

We assume responsibilities and duties, which include:

• Remote or on-site diagnostics of the enterprise

• Expert opinions with a description of the necessary work and their cost

• Approval and conclusion of a legal contract for the provision of services

• Preparation and issuance of a complete package of documents in accordance with contractual obligations

• Post-project monitoring – notification of the validity of documents and changes in legislation

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