Since 2013 the company “TD Zernotrading LTD” Ltd. was founded as the main activity of “Wholesale trade of grain, raw tobacco, seeds and animal feeds” and is an operating company. The LLC “TD Zernotradeding LTD” is hired by the companies, which are located in three districts of the Kharkiv region, namely, Shevchenkivskyi district, urban area Shevchenkove, Kharkiv district, village Buda and Lozovsky district, smt. Krasnopavlivka and in one district of Poltava region, with Abazovka.

Grain LLC TD Zernotrading LTD for the formation of a party under the carriages to send to the port, buys throughout the Kharkiv region and in the adjoining areas since 2016, the purchase of grain is also carried out in the Poltava region. Purchase of grain from agricultural producers and transportation of grain to facilities, carried out by road transport, and then transported to the port by rail.

LLC “TD Zernotrading LTD” is constantly working on expanding the boundaries where purchases of grain are carried out. The expansion of borders is due to the development of business, namely the acquisition of real estate to reduce the cost of logistics in the full cycle from the purchase of grain to the loading of wagons and sending it to the port.

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