Rhenus Revival

LLC “Rhenus Revival” is a subsidiary of Rethmann AG & Co.KG holding and Rhenus Logistic group.

We offer the full range of logistic services:
1. international transportation;
2. customs-brokerage service;
3. storage and full range of warehouse services (in/out, storage, picking, co-packing, stickering completion orders);
4. transportation across Ukraine, covering over 520 points of distributors and key-accounts destination;
5. consultation in logistics and customs legislation.

1. Convenient geographic location of warehouses:
– Obukhov located on 33th km from the border of Kiev, also here is department of custom registration of Kiev regional custom, that is comfort for registration of customs declarations on the different groups of goods;
2. Top quality and full range of logistic services guarantee:
– new modern class A warehouse designed, built and equipped in accordance with modern market demands;
– skilled personnel;
– presence of WMS system;
– ISO 9001-2015, ISO 45001-2018, HASSP, SQAS quality certificates.
3. Storage safety of your goods is ensured by:
– ventilation, temperature and humidity systems;
– sprinkler fire proof system;
– video control;
– 24 hours guard service;
– web access to cargo processing status.
4. Bonded warehouse:
– ADR cargo storage;
– regular cargo storage.
5. Modern WMS system Microsoft Dynamics Navision 5.0 – FIFO/FEFO control;
– Geometrical parameter of cargo and weight;
– ABC analyze of turnover;
– Production cycle for value added service (VAS).
6. More than 22 years of experience on Ukrainian market.

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