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Наша сама дружня ечівка для компаній, котрі беруть участь в EBA Digital Friends Movement. Разом, з такою потужною спільнотою, ми досягнемо нових висот!

TERRA FOOD today: #1 in the dairy products manufacturing in Ukraine #1 producer of butter and spreads in Ukraine #1 in the sale of cheese in Ukraine #1 in premium fresh milk products segment in Ukraine TERRA FOOD is fast growing dairy company, leader of the butter, spreads and cheese markets in Ukraine. TERRA FOOD consolidate dairy units of the TERRA FOOD Group –one of the largest vertically structured integrated holding which is developing business in three sectors (dairy, meat and agro) and has production facilities in both Ukraine. Today TERRA FOOD – #1 in the dairy products manufacturing in Ukraine. Absolute leader in production and sales of butter and spreads and is number one company in the sale of cheese in Ukraine. The company is a strong player on the international market, however our production is exported more than 30 countries of the world. The company’s key brands are: Tulchinka, Ferma, Premialle, Bila linia. The businesses of the TERRA FOOD company are certified in accordance to the international quality management system ISO 9001, food safety management ISO 22000 and environmental management ISO 14001. The production facilities of the TERRA FOOD company include 19 factories. The general production capacity of the TERRA FOOD company is comprised of: milk processing – 553 000 tonnes per year; production of butter and spreads – 113 600 tonnes per year; production of cheese – 54 000 tonnes per year; production of fresh milk products – 120 000 tonnes per year; production of soft cheese – 2 900 tonnes per year. The high quality of production by the TERRA FOOD company is confirmed by more than 30 awards of both national and international competitions and tastings, amongst which include: Choice of the year (2011) and Brand of the year (2009), Prize of the CIS in the sphere of quality (2009), laureate diploma at the all-Ukrainian event Leader of Products and Services of Ukraine (2007) and a diploma for the Standard of Quality of the image recognition programme Public recognition (2006).

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