In December 2010 a merger of «Stalkanat» and «Silur» plants took place. Now the corporate business has the name PJSC «PA «STALKANAT-SILUR». The Production Association comprises two branches: Plant «Stalkanat» (Odessa) and Plant «Silur» (Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region). Private Joint Stock Company «Production Association «STALKANAT-SILUR» is the biggest enterprise in Ukraine producing wire products (ropes, wire, strands, nets, slings). The enterprise employs several thousands of workers and employees. The enterprise issues products in compliance with the national standards of Ukraine (DSTU), Russia (GOST), Germany (DIN), Great Britain (BS) and international standards (ISO, EN). Modern technologies applied by the PJSC «PA «STALKANAT-SILUR» make it possible to meet the strictest requirements of the customers. The enterprise was established with a view of efficient sales of wire products by offering the customers the required range of high quality wire, wide choice of services and flexible payment terms. Nowadays the main strategic lines for developing the PJSC «PA «Stalkanat-Silur» are linked with meeting the customers’ expectations, improvement of quality of issued products, reconstruction and upgrading of the equipment and search for new partners and investors. The main competitive advantages of the PJSC «PA «Stalkanat-Silur» are: – Wide range of offered wire products – Possibility of arranging the product deliveries – High service standards – Preparation of any product lots (as requested by the customer) – Flexible payment terms – Long-term crediting of end users – Precise and guaranteed delivery periods – Technical consulting services

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