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Company awards:

We will probably never get tired of talking about our companies. Star partners are those with whom the sea is close at hand and close to the stars. The support of these companies is impressive, for which we are ready to say an infinite number of times “Thank you very much for your help.”

Forever Together

A unique award for the companies of “full age” that reached 18+ years old with the EBA. This is definitely a love for life, because how else to explain such a long relationship? 😊 And we want to go out and tell all the world about it.

The Bravery Award honors companies that fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of wartime in Ukraine. We are proud of your resilience, remarkable adaptability, and commitment to conducting business in Ukraine.

«Kyivstar» — is a Ukrainian telecommunications company that provides communication and data services based on mobile and fixed technologies, including 4G (LTE) in Ukraine. Kyivstar has been a leader among mobile operators in Ukraine in the quality of mobile Internet services in 2021.

The Kyivstar mobile network covers all cities of Ukraine, as well as more than 28,000 rural settlements, all major national and regional routes, and most sea, and river coasts. As of 2020, Kyivstar became the largest mobile operator and one of the largest broadband Internet providers in Ukraine, serving about 26 million mobile customers and more than 1 million broadband fixed internet customers in Ukraine (Home Internet”). 

Together with the main telecom services, Kyivstar provides FMC services (convergence of mobile and fixed communications), digital solutions – Big Data, industrial IoT, Clouds, mobile financial services, Open API “Kyivstar Open Telecom” and others. The company implements these products both independently and in partnership with large IT companies, including Microsoft.

Kyivstar is also one of the leaders in the OTT TV segment, providing access to more than 250 TV channels.

PJSC Kyivstar was founded and registered in Ukraine in 1994 and has been providing mobile services since 1997. The company’s head office is located in Kyiv. Kyivstar is a part of the international telecom group VEON. VEON Ltd is a European Union Netherlands-headquartered, NASDAQ, and EURONEXT-listed company with an investor base including thousands of shareholders in the US and Europe and worldwide. VEON does not have and never has had, a majority or controlling shareholder. 

Since 2006, Kyivstar has been implementing social responsibility projects.

In 2020, Kyivstar became the most expensive brand in Ukraine according to a Correspondent magazine, and the best employer in Ukraine in the TOP-100 rating. It was also rated the largest Company of the Year in mobile communication. According to the results of 2020 and 2021 Kyivstar is the largest taxpayer among the companies in the field of communications and information.

In its activities, the company adheres to the latest technologies.

Alexander Komarov has been the President of the company since December 2018.


25 years of work in Ukraine 🇺🇦

Kyivstar is one of the top 20  largest taxpayers in Ukraine and is the largest taxpayer in the telecom market in Ukraine, providing more than 71 billion hryvnias of revenues to the state budget in taxes and mandatory payments and almost 5.4 billion US dollars of investment in the development of telecommunications infrastructure in Ukraine.

The company develops innovative services, and promotes the development of the telecom market of Ukraine, guided by its mission: “We are changing Ukraine and opening new opportunities for people.”

1998 – the first in Ukraine to provide SMS services.

2000 – the first in Ukraine to provide access to mobile Internet using WAP technology.  Kyivstar was also the first to introduce “package” tariff plans free of charge per minute and canceled per-megabyte billing of the Internet.

Modernization of the telecom market and the development of new mobile technologies in Ukraine are always the focus of Kyivstar. The company was the first telecom operator in Ukraine to fully improve the switching network for the introduction of high-speed mobile data transmission technologies. For all mobile operators to be able to form continuous radio frequency bands to launch 4G technology, Kyivstar voluntarily donated part of the radio spectrum in the 1800 MHz and 900 MHz bands to the state. This gave impetus to the rapid development of 4G communication technology in Ukraine.

Kyivstar network has the latest equipment that supports 3G, 4G (LTE), and VoLTE communication standards.

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