The company’s history started back in 1994 and on December 9, 1997, the first call in “Kyivstar” mobile phone network was made. Company provides mobile communications services under the brand “Kyivstar” and the sub-brand “Kyivstar Business” in GSM-900 and GSM-1800 standards, roaming services in 195 countries on 5 continents, services of fixed-line internet access based on FTTB (Fiber to the Building), and services of fixed-line telephony for business using the most up-to-date technologies. “Kyivstar” is a part of the international telecommunications group VimpelCom Ltd., headquartered in Amsterdam (Netherlands). The company’s shares are freely traded on the stock exchange (NASDAQ), New York. Holding company VimpelCom Ltd. owns telecom assets in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, Africa and North America., and is a subject of international law and subject to its rules and requirements. Jo Lunder is CEO of VimpelCom Ltd. “Kyivstar” is the first company that implemented new tariff plans for contract and corporate subscribers based on the principal of dynamic minute cost reduction depending on the airtime spent as at 2002. Since 2010, Kyivstar has started providing services of fixed-line telephony for business and fixed-line access based on FTTB. Today the fixed-line internet access network (“Home internet” service) operates in 138 cities of Ukraine. “Kyivstar” is the only big internet provider in Ukraine using FTTB technology: optical cable is put to the building and allocated among apartments by means of Ethernet copper cable. The service is provided with a use of dynamic IP address. “Kyivstar” fiber-optic network for high-speed data transmission has a total length of more than 46 thousand kilometers and external channels capacity of more than 620 Gb/s. Operator’s services are used by more than 25 million of mobile subscribers and by more than 800 thousand of fixed-line internet. “Kyivstar” mobile network is one of the best in Europe and covers all the cities and towns of Ukraine, as well as more than 28 thousand rural settlements, all main national and regional roads, most of the sea and river shores. “Kyivstar” JSC has operated in Ukraine for more than 16 years and is the largest taxpayer to the state budget of Ukraine among the companies in the sector of transport and communications, as well as one of the best employers and most socially responsible companies. “Kyivstar’s” personnel amounts to 4000 professional specialists working all over Ukraine. For several years running, “Kyivstar” is considered the best employer in the Ukrainian market. As a national company created by the Ukrainians for the Ukrainians, we give the key attention to social responsibility of our business, our contribution into the development of independent Ukraine. Kyivstar aims at success in business, which is for us inseparable from the well-being of Ukrainian society and strengthening of its foundations. Not only high result of our work is important for us, but also the way it is achieved.

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