Borshchahivskiy Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant

SIC Borshchahivskiy chemical-pharmaceutical plant CJSC SIC Borshchahivskiy chemical-pharmaceutical plant CJSC, located in Kiev city, the capital of Ukraine, is leading in this country in production scope and sales of finished medicinal products. Nowadays the company produces over 120 different drugs, 45 of them never earlier being produced in Ukraine. Our personnel numbers is above 800 people. Our share in pharmaceutical market of Ukraine is 7%. We are continuously leading in this country in such criteria as products quality, reputation of pharmaceuticals among physicians, well-developed promotion, reasonable prices and favorable conditions for cooperation. We export our products more then 30 countries of the world including Baltic Countries, Asian and Eastern European countries. Export percentage is 12% of total production output of the company. Our product list includes the following preparation: • For therapy of hypertension disease: Indopress, Lipril, Liprazide, Raunatin; • Antiarrythmic drugs: Arrythmile, Mexarhythm, Verapamil hydrochloride; • Drugs improving blood supply to myocardium, brain and other organs and tissues: Cratal, Xantinol nicotinate, Nitrosibid, Digoxin; • Antituberculous preparations: Rifampicin, Isoniazid, Ethambutol, Pyrazineamide; • Antimicrobial preparations: Cefazolin-BCPP, Ceftriaxone-BCPP, Cefotaxime-BCPP, Cefalexin, Doxicycline hydrochloride, etc.; • Metabolic process regulating drugs: Ascorutin, Vicasol, Granulated Quercetin, Potassium orotate, Ferroplect, Calcium gluconate, ATP-Long; • For alcoholism treatment – Teturam. Today we are a sole manufacturer in Ukraine having mastered production and intensively developing a series of children drugs “Bear Bo drugs”. At present these series include four preparations: Ambroxol syrup; Paracetomol for children, syrup; Ketotiphen, syrup; Licorice root syrup. We have our own scientific and research center engaged with development and implementation of new pharmaceuticals. Today the Center is involved in the development of 20 new preparations. Our annual capacity of tablet production is approximately 300 million, capsules of antibiotics – 26.3 million, sterile antibiotics in vials – 16 million, syrups – 4 million bottles. Production facility, storage and transportation of sterile antibiotics and encapsulated antibiotics, quality control laboratory, production facility and storage of solid-state dosage forms (tablets, coated tablets and capsules) have been assessed and qualified as meeting GMP requirements (National certificate No. 1, No. 2; comp any “CERTIFARM” (France) certificate No. 2002/17, No.2003/20). In December 2003 Borshchahivskiy chemical-pharmaceutical plant has been subjected of a site inspection held by Latvian State Pharmaceutical Inspection in respect of GMP. The level of compliance of the company’s facilities and operations for production of tablets, capsules and sterile antibiotics in vials is considered to be acceptable with the principles of EU GMP. SIC “Borshchahivskiy Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant” CJSC is a member of Ukrainian Quality Association. It was among finalists of the 7th National Quality Competition. Company is a member of Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of Ukrainian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce, a participant of various exhibitions and a winner of National Competition “Gold Trademarks of Ukraine” in nomination “Production of pharmaceuticals of new generation”.

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