Green Cotton Group Lviv

We, GREEN COTTON GROUP LVIV, are a subsidiary of the Danish company GREEN COTTON GROUP. Company GREEN COTTON has been working since the early 80’s. From the very beginning, they set themselves the goal to use environmentally friendly materials for their products and became pioneers in this area. They were the first to make clothes from certified organic cotton. Such cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and is collected without defoliants, which through can penetrate into the skin and cause allergies and eczema. The company, which is the founder of the trademark GREEN COTTON, has been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and has been awarded with GOTS, Eco-TEX 100 label and EU eco label The Flower. There are many independent organizations that certify organic cotton: KRAV, IMO and CUC (formerly SKAL). All cotton used for children’s clothing for GREEN COTTON is certified according to EC2092 / 91 by all of the above-mentioned organizations. The SE Green Cotton Group Lviv was founded in 2001 and currently employs more than 450 people. We comply with all rules and regulations in accordance with the principles of the parent company regarding our employees and working conditions. For our employees, we provide the best employment conditions, decent wages. We adhere to strict rules regarding the employment of minors, discrimination, gross attitude or forced extraordinary working hours. The working conditions of the enterprise correspond to the European standards. We have qualified specialists and most of them are constantly trained and trained in different countries. Also, in the process and production, we are taking all known measures in order not to contaminate the environment. The company’s policy is to adhere to ethical standards and cause minimal damage to nature. With such a base, we not only manufacture high quality products for our customers, but also provide excellent service and adhere to all customer requirements. The company has gone through many audits, including such companies as: S.A.F.E. from PUMA, Fair Wear for Hess Natur, Bureau Veritas for UMBRO, CSCC for LEGO WEAR.

So our clothes are made with love to people and the environment in which we all live!

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