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Kyiv Audit Group

Company awards:
Forever Together

A unique award for the companies of “full age” that reached 18+ years old with the EBA. This is definitely a love for life, because how else to explain such a long relationship? 😊 And we want to go out and tell all the world about it.

The Bravery Award honors companies that fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of wartime in Ukraine. We are proud of your resilience, remarkable adaptability, and commitment to conducting business in Ukraine.

Kyiv Audit Group is an independent Ukrainian firm that for its 25 years in business, has reached high reputation and leading positions in auditing and consulting (Certificate #1560 of the Auditor’s Chamber of Ukraine). Kyiv Audit Group is the Participant of PRAXITY– Global Alliance of Independent Firms – in TOP 10 worldwide. PRAXITY has access to 60,500+ committed professionals at 760+ offices in 100+ countries. At the end of 2020, the Order of the OSNAD -56-kya dated 04.12.2020 confirmed the passing of the quality control of audit services by Kyiv Audit Group – and this is the third time. And in autumn 2015, the 2nd official confirmation of the national supervisory professional body on the compliance of the quality control system was received, the decision of the ACU dd 24.09.2015 №315/4. The company was one of the first in Ukraine to successfully pass its first external quality control at the beginning of 2010, the decision of the ACU dd 25.02.2010 №211/6. Kyiv Audit Group is one of only a handful of Ukrainian audit firms which, starting from 2005, has had the Approved status of АССА accredited employer. A well-earned award INDUSTRY LEADER, which Kyiv Audit Group received during 2012-2021, is a confirmation of the national recognition of our firm in the professional services market of Ukraine. Furthermore, Kyiv Audit Group is in TOP-10 of leading Ukrainian audit firms and recognized as RELIABLE BUSINESS PARTNER based on the results of the survey ‘TOP-100. Solutions for Business’. In 2013 Kyiv Audit Group received a Citation from the Ukrainian Chairmanship of the OSCE for our contribution to the successful 20th OSCE Ministerial Council Meeting in Kyiv. Kyiv Audit Group provides clients in various industries, banks and financial establishments with the following services: Audit of financial statements prepared by companies and banks under Ukrainian NPSBO, IFRS, other national GAAPs; Revision of financial accounting and compliance with tax legislation; Transformation and consolidation of financial statements; Due Diligence; Tax, financial and legal consultancy; Advocating Client’s interests in court and with public authorities; “Tax accounting and audit”: IT solutions for banking and financial establishments.

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