The Seventh Heaven Elite Tourism Club

Luxury does not mean compromise. Initially occupying the luxury travel niche, we have been honing our skills in it for more than 16 years. It’s hard to surprise us, because we are a team of sophisticated travelers.

When we planning your vacation, we have the right to trust only what we see with our own eyes, that we pass through the prism of our experience, that we love and know. We are the only company that visits at least 15 international exhibitions a year, we do not stand still, and all the time we are in search of secret places for your unforgettable vacation. We know for sure where the sea is more transparent than tears, where the white sand is so fine that it crunches underfoot, where the snowy peaks are most attractive, where the parquet of the banquet halls remembers the steps of the great people of this world, and the fragrance of luxury soars in the elegant decoration of the rooms.

At the heart of our approach is honesty, because your trust is invaluable to us. You will never see two drops of water of similar clouds in the sky – and in Our club there is no place for patterns and stereotypes. Each of our guests is unique and worthy of a special journey, skillfully tailored to all his interests, wishes and whims. No matter how many thousands of miles of land and seas separating us, we are always there to guard your interests and desires.

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