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The Group of Companies NOVAAGRO is one of the leading companies of the agrarian industry of Kharkiv region.

The company is a member of the European Business Association, the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation”, the Interregional Union of Poultry and Feed Producers of Ukraine.

The companies-members of the group of companies NOVAAGRO:

Fields of activity:

APK NOVAAGRO (Limited Liability Company)

  • Grain storage in elevators, cereal production;
  • Logistics (transportation by road and by train).

NOVAKORM (Limited Liability Company)

  • Production and sale of compound feed, wheat bran pelletizing, sunflower meal pelletizing.

Ptahokompleks NOVA (Poultry complex, Limited Liability Company)

  • Growing and selling poultry meat.

Torhovyi budynok NOVAAGRO (Trading house NOVAAGRO, Limited Liability Company)

  • Supply of cereals and oil-bearing crops.
  • Production and sale of vegetable oil, wheat flour of the highest and first grades, bran of granulated wheat, buckwheat and pea groats, sunflower meal;
  • Sale of mineral fertilizers;
  • Production of liquid mineral fertilizers on the basis of own capacities.

Production Assets:

APK NOVAAGRO (Limited Liability Company):

TOV NOVAKORM (Limited Liability Company

  • Compound feed plant — up to 300 tons of products per day.

TOV Ptahokompleks NOVA (Poultry complex, Limited Liability Company)

  • Production site Husarivka — 361 thousand heads; one-time hatching;
  • Production site Pokrovske — 243 thousand heads; one-time hatching;
  • Production site Morozivka — 241 thousand heads; one-time hatching;
  • Slaughter house — 3 000 heads per hour.

TOV “Trading house “NOVAAGRO”

  • Buckwheat groats production — 70 tons per day
  • Flour production — 390 tons per day
  • Wheat bran production — 120 tons per day
  • Production of liquid mineral fertilizers — 300 tons per day.

The year of the company foundation — 2009

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