Doctor Sam

Doctor Sam is a network of clinics and pharmacies with a wide range of medical services for clients of all ages.  All services are provided in line with international standards of treatment quality and service.

The treatment approach and local clinical protocols are based on the protocols of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and supplemented by the best ones from the world leading clinics and hospitals.

Doctor Sam is a team of skilled professionals with long-term experience and integrated approach to providing medical care that guarantees maximum patient safety and the highest quality of service.

 Advantages for clients

  • Specialists for adults and children, which allow the whole family to receive the full outpatient counseling, examination, treatment and health support in one clinic.
  • Open 24/7
  • Home/hotel visits and examinations
  • Day care treatment
  • Vaccination
  • Support by a leading medical specialists
  • Parenting school
  • Psychologist sessions / Life and Business Coaching
  • Comfortable conditions

Comprehensive healthcare programs

  • Preventive examination of adults and children
  • Pregnancy planning and supervision
  • Pediatric supervision from birth to 1 year
  • Tailor-made annual programs for clients of all ages and genders.


Each clinic of Doctor Sam Medical Network has the pharmacy on-site and online pharmacy service that has been successfully operating, providing maximum convenience and comfort to our clients.

  • Wide range of medicines, cosmetics and medical & measuring devices
  • Qualified pharmaceutical assistance from experienced staff
  • Individual orders and delivery of medicines, cosmetics and devices.

 Additional services

  • Innovation is a distinctive and distinguishing feature of Doctor Sam Medical Network. Innovation, creativity and maximum convenience – these priorities have found practical implementation in a number of interesting and relevant customer services:
  • Telemedicine – an opportunity to get qualified medical advice online at any convenient time and at any place.
  • Second medical opinion – an opportunity to get an alternative specialist’s opinion.
  • Mobile app – effective and accessible communication and information for a client anytime and anywhere.
  • Treatment abroad – access to the best diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation options in the leading clinics in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Israel and the United States.
  • Flexibility and adaptability of service – convenient infrastructure for insured individuals as well as foreign citizens.

Doctor Sam Medical Network is the first in Ukraine that has confirmed accreditation at the Joint Commission International, joining the global community of medical institutions that guarantee excellent service, the highest quality of healthcare and complete safety to their patients.

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