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UP University

International University of Coaching Development CoachingUP University is currently the largest in Eastern Europe in terms of the number of students who trainy simultaneously.The university was founded in April 2019.

The university specializes in coaching training and also provides coaching services for companies.

Curricula are aimed at developing coaching competencies in future and already practicing coaches, as well as professionals and experts in various areas related to communications.

The training programs are based on the coaching standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and are conducted online, which allows you to attract students from different countries.

The university has the following areas of study:

* training of future coaches and assistance in the acquisition of a new profession;

* development of practicing coaches and their preparation for ACC or PCC accreditation according to ICF standards;

* training of internal coaches for different companies;

* development of coaching skills of HR specialists;

* training of managers of different levels of coaching skills to increase the effectiveness of team management, achieve goals and develop their own leadership qualities;

* development of coaching skills in foreign language teachers;

* coaching training to increase sales;

* development of coaching competencies in parents for conscious upbringing;

* application of the coaching approach in Agile.

The university also provides services for companies such as:

* Project coaching: to develop a project strategy, maintain motivation among its participants, create a common understanding of the project goals in the team.

* Team coaching: to create a strong and cohesive team, to establish effective communication within it, to increase employee productivity, to maintain trust and joint action for the main goal.

* Individual coaching: for the development of the company through work with leaders – expansion of their competencies, transformation of thinking.

Сoaching Up University is an international team, including coaches from 8 countries.

The university has three branches: in Ukraine, the USA and Italy.

Coaching Up team mission:

“Changing the world for the better by increasing communication efficiency”

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